Behind the Scenes - A week in the life of Carbon Copy

September 1, 2017



Here is a typical week in the life of the band and the work that goes on behind the scenes.



Social Media


For a busy wedding band who gig most Thursdays to Sundays, there isn’t always a clear divide between the end of one week and the start of the next.


A big part of our work involves posting photo’s or videos that we have taken on Facebook, Instagram and our Website from the previous night’s gig.


Mondays are usually the start of the week in most lines of business however a typical Monday morning for us could be posting the photo’s of the Sunday night gig, tagging the Bride, Groom and venue to say thanks for a wonderful night.




Other Monday tasks will include things like, emailing clients, phoning ahead to venues for the coming weekend to arrange access / setup times, Booking accommodation if we are playing a bit further afield, Sorting out any special arrangements for gigs weddings and making sure we are prepared for the week ahead.







Practice makes perfect and Tuesday is generally the day of the week for our rehearsals. This is our time for working on new songs for the set and coming up with new ideas.


This is also a great time for couples to come and see us for a private viewing before booking. We rehearse at several top studios in various locations in and around the Glasgow area,  so we can always find somewhere to suit.


It’s a great chance to meet and go over any questions or arrangements and it’s always a worthwhile thing to do.






As we have so many weddings to play and so many first dances to learn, a big chunk of our rehearsal time goes into learning first dances.


Learning songs will usually start with us practicing our individual parts at home before arranging the final version in the studio.





Vlog / Blog


We create and publish a monthly vlog which is a collection of video footage we have gathered over the previous month’s gigs, which is set to music we have recorded live. We also share the high quality recorded audio on our soundcloud page.


This is a great way of showcasing all the fantastic weddings and venues we have been fortunate enough to play at as well as constantly updating our audio for people to listen to.


The making of the vlog along with our monthly blog is continuous work that goes on most days behind the Carbon Copy scenes.






Bookings come into CC HQ all the time via, phone calls, our website, Facebook or through agencies we are in partnership with. On a typical Wednesday we might take 3 or 4 wedding bookings from 2017 up to the year 2021.


We love getting enquiries and are very flexible and competitive. We always respond as soon as humanly possible so what are you waiting for?! Get in touch!!!







Whether it be maintaining the van, changing guitar strings, buying new drumsticks, servicing equipment, getting insurance quotes, PAT testing our electronics, there is a lot of up keeping that goes into a running a successful small business.


We love buying new gear to enhance our sound and lighting to give you the best possible show and Thursday is as good a day as any to do some shopping.




Pub Gig


Midweek pub gigs are one of our best ways of giving clients the chance to come and see us, let us try new songs in a live environment and are great fun for us to play.


We love playing pubs and have several residencies and one off gigs at some of the best live music pubs in Scotland.


Check out our website and social media for full listings of gigs near you.





Corporate Events


A typical Friday night might see us play at a staff party, a beer festival a gala day, a dinner dance or a Birthday party.


We have been really lucky to play at some wonderful events at some amazing places from the STV Studio’s in Glasgow to Motherwell Concert Hall to over 1000 people.


It’s a great thing to be part of and we savour every moment, we know how lucky we are.





DJ Set


When its a 1 am finish and you want to keep the party going we can provide an hours DJ set.

From classics soul and funk to party bangers our resident DJ Nicky Rush has it all in the repertoire



Road Trip


There's nothing we enjoy more about what we do than than getting to go to some really nice places.


We’ve been all over the UK and will continue to travel wherever we are required.

Its great to get the chance to go to places we haven't been before.




Wedding Day


This is what it's all about for us. It's what we work hard to be great at and we take great pride in our work.


One of the perks for us is getting to go to so many new places and incredible venues.





There is nothing more satisfying than being part of a couple's special day and feeling like you have contributed to it in a small way.


We are fundamentally a wedding band and always will be. We feel so lucky to get to do what we do.





The wedding Selfie has become somewhat of a Carbon Copy Tradition.


Sunday will see us posting the weekends selfies on Facebook and Instagram and is a fitting way to remember great nights.




Gigs, Gigs, Gigs


Sundays are as busy with gigs for us now as Fridays and Saturdays.


A Sunday is a great day for a wedding and we have played some amazing Sunday weddings.


When we don’t have weddings we may typically have a Sunday pub gig, showcase or wedding Fayre.




Labour of Love


There is a lot