CARBON COPY’S A-Z of Wedding Music

August 1, 2017



A - ‘A Little Respect’, no not for us but for the 80’s classic by ‘Erasure’. We do a pumped up version early in proceedings to test the water and see who’s up for a party.




B - ‘The Beatles’, They don’t call them the fab four for nothing (that’s ‘The Beatles’ not ‘Carbon Copy’) You can’t play covers without selecting a few from the masters.


C - ‘Chic’, not just our dress sense, you can’t have a full repertoire without having some Disco and you you can’t have some Disco without having some ‘Chic’. We have a couple of ‘Chic’ classics in our set list that are suitable for every occasion.





D - ‘Deacon Blue’, ‘Dignity’ and ‘Real Gone Kid’ are 2 ‘Carbon Copy’ staples. Expect to hear them when we play and expect the dance floor to be full for both.


E - ‘The Eagles’, ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’, ‘Take it Easy’ and ‘Lying Eyes’ are really enjoyable for us to play and hopefully enjoyable for you to dance and sing along to as well.


F - ‘Funky Music’, A party doesn’t ever really get started until the trunk of funk is unleashed. We are more than happy to oblige with some funk classics in our set old and new form the likes of ‘James Brown’, ‘Wild Cherry’, ‘Mark Ronson’ and ‘Bruno Mars’ to name a few.



G - ‘Gay Gordons’. It’s a wedding and it’s as Scottish tradition so when we call this Ceilidh standard we expect you on the dance floor with a partner. This is a great opportunity for guests of all ages to participate and you never know you might even enjoy it.




H - ‘Human’ Are we Human or are we Dancer? All we know is any humans in the room when we are playing this Killers classic should be Dancing.


I - ‘I Loved Her First’, We have been requested to play this Country Classic by ‘Heartland’ at lots of weddings. Lovely sentiment to the lyrics making it perfect for a father daughter dance for the Bride and her Dad.




J - ‘Johnny B. Goode’, When it’s time for a bit of good old fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll, it’s time for a bit of ‘Johnny B. Goode’ and we love when it’s time for a bit of good old fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll


K - ‘The kings of Leon’, ‘Sex on Fire’, Is it the lyrics, is it the melody, is it the beat? Who knows why this one works but it just does so we just play it and don’t ask any questions.




L - ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd’ There’s only one Skynyrd song for a wedding set and it’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. Cover Bands have been playing this classic through the ages and for good reason.


M - ‘Mr Brightside’, When it’s time to rock out it’s time for Mr Brightside, this one is guaranteed to bring the house down. We like to throw this ‘Killers’ tune in close to the end of the night for maximum impact.




N - ‘Neil Diamond’. When you want to see some hands in the air you want to play some ‘Sweet Caroline’. Expect this one from us round about the start of our 3rd set of the night.




O - ‘Oasis’, ‘She’s Electric’. Is there a more apt song to dedicate to the beautiful bride? We don’t think so.




P - ‘Paulo Nutini’, Another Scottish favourite. When it’s time for a singalong it’s time for a bit of ‘Candy’ and not from the type from the sweetie cart. This Paulo Classic will get everyone in the room joining in the singsong.


Q - ‘Queen’, ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ gets the hips swinging and boogieing started early in the evening at a ‘Carbon Copy’ wedding.


R - ‘Rod Stewart’, ‘You're in My Heart’ is a great first dance song but ‘Maggie May’ is an absolute classic. We love playing this one and hopefully you will love our version too.




S -  ‘Stereophonics’, ‘Dakota’ is always a guaranteed floor filler so we are guaranteed to play it.


T - Turbo Slosh, The ladies love a slosh and why not. ***Disclaimer*** - Our turbo slosh is not for the faint hearted. Scream if you want to go faster!!!




U - ‘U2’, ‘Streets Have No Name’ and ‘Pride’ get the place rocking but ‘With or Without you’ is the ‘U2’ song from our set list which has blown the roof off many a venue.


V - ‘Van Morrison’, There’s one song by Van the Man and you know which one. It needs to get played who doesn’t love a bit of ‘Brown Eyed Girl’, this one is a ritual for weddings and functions. 

W - ‘Wonderful Tonight’. This ‘Eric Clapton’ number is essential at any occasion for all the slow dancers and dance floor smoochers out there. Perfect for a first dance too!!!




X - ‘X - Rated Dance moves’ Some people like to take it too far on the dance floor and a ‘Carbon Copy’ dance floor is a highly charged busy place to be. Don’t be surprised to see some X - Rated Gyration once our set has whipped the crowd into a frenzy.




Y - ‘You take the high road and i’ll take the low road’ ‘Loch Lomond’ of course is the only way to wrap up proceedings on the big day.





Z - ‘The Zutons’ wrote it, ‘Amy Winehouse’ made it famous and ‘Carbon Copy’ perform it live for your dancing enjoyment. That’s ‘Valerie’ of course.


We pride ourselves on our Variety of music and are prepared to go through the whole alphabet of music at every wedding to make your night a special one, its what we do.













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