Carbon Copy go Acoustic

October 1, 2017

Of course its great to get set up on a big stage, plug electric guitars into amplifiers and play some loud music that gets people going, but it’s also nice to strip things back and do something a bit more chilled out as well.


We love all styles of music and there’s is definitely a time and place for both.





Our instrumentation has always primarily consisted of Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums with a bit of acoustic guitar thrown in on the side.


Recently we played a wedding showcase where we tried some of the songs from our set in a stripped back acoustic style. Not only was it a fun thing to do and gave the songs a whole different style and sound, we also got a few bookings off the back of it.




Currently we play many first dances at Weddings as Acoustic versions and the stripped back style really adds great feel to the sentiment of the occasion.


As musicians with eclectic tastes we’ve always been interested in acoustic music of all genres.


All of these things gave us the catalyst to begin creating an acoustic set. Not as a replacement to what we usually do but as an alternative for situations where a acoustic music is more appropriate.




All styles, all genres and all songs are welcome at Carbon Copy. From Neil Young to 1 Direction, from Sinatra to Nirvana we can make an Acoustic arrangement of anything.




In fact usually the heaviest rock songs or fasted dance tracks can make the best chilled out acoustic songs and we can find a way to arrange any song into a great sounding acoustic classic.


Whether its Harmonies of Crosby stills and Nash, Guitar playing of John Martyn, cool vibe of Bill Withers or pop sensibility of John Legend we are open minded to everything and anything.


Country, Bluegrass, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rock, Pop, Reggae, our acoustic sets are much more than a strumming guitar and vocal bound to one style of music.



First things first and a brand new promo video to showcase our new Acoustic sound was the order of the day.


This was great fun to do as we tried out lots of songs from our current set in different ways.


We organised some rehearsal time, decide on best set up of instruments and arrangements for each song and organised a location and date to shoot our video.


When you live on a busy city centre street in Glasgow with a great view there’s nowhere better to make your first video than your living room. We emptied furniture out set up lighting and recording equipment, enlisted a bit of help and got to work one afternoon.


We’re really happy with the way the video turned out and are now using it to get some bookings which are already coming thick and fast.












This is only the first Acoustic video of many and work has already begun on the next so look out for more videos coming your way soon!!!





Our Acoustic format is 2 Acoustic guitars, Bass, Mandolin, Harmonica with 2 lead vocals and 3 part harmonies. (***UPDATE, We now implement a live percussion player!)


We have taken some classic songs and given them new ultra cool Acoustic arrangements that we can’t wait to let you hear. Of course we will also be performing some bona fide acoustic classics the way they should be played.


We are offering an Acoustic set as Daytime Reception music for Weddings and Functions either along with full band at night or independently as well as Acoustic midweek and Sunday pub Slots.


Look out for full listings coming soon! Bookings are already coming in and we can’t wait to get started.




Carbon Copy Acoustic sets are perfect for many occasions. Get in touch for;


  • Daytime Wedding Reception Music

  • Optional full band setup for evening

  • Add Acoustic package onto existing booking

  • Weddings or functions in smaller Spaces / Rooms

  • Acoustic sets for Pubs and Restaurants


Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require an acoustic set for any occasion!!!




Exciting times are ahead for us and this is just the very first steps for Carbon Copy Acoustic.


We are working on tailoring our Acoustic set and homing our acoustic sound. Experimenting with new arrangements while still playing the songs people want to hear.


New Acoustic Set List, Line up of up and Coming Acoustic shows, Videos audio and more being worked on behind the scenes and coming your way soon.




So what are you waiting for, get in touch.Whether its to enquire on availability, check our competitive pricing or even just to recommend a song we should be playing feel free to contact us any time and we will see you at a gig sometime soon!!!















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