June 1, 2017

Sure you can have your ceremony in the fanciest venue, be chauffeured in the most expensive cars, cut the most delicious cake and wear the finest clothes ever tailored but is a wedding even a wedding without The Dancers?


These unsung heroes are the life and soul of any occasion. Once the ‘juices get flowing’ the dancers will be sure to get the party started and won’t stop till they drop (or at least until last orders at the bar)




THE ‘DAD DANCER’ – Thinks he’s still got it but in all honesty probably never had it. Been embarrassing children and spouses for many a year.


THE ‘MUM DANCER’ – Handbags on the floor, never afraid to get up first, they’ve seen and done it all before.


THE ‘TALKER’ – Talking the whole way through every song to any dancer who will listen. Talking about the wedding, work, what they had for lunch last Tuesday, anything really.


THE ‘REPEATER’ – They’ve got one move and they are going to use it, again and again and again and …

THE ‘SHOWER’ – Dance floor drink in hand – Contents of drink everywhere!


THE ‘PERSONAL TRAINER’ – Whether it's one handed push ups or two, there’s always one fitness fanatic on any dance floor.


THE ‘TALENT’ – Putting everyone else to shame. Love them or hate them they’ve got the moves and they’re not afraid to use them.


THE ‘RACER’ – The faster the better, no song is too fast. No matter what the tempo the racer plans to be finished first. Always one step ahead of the beat.


THE ‘COMPETITOR’ – Distant relative of the ‘Talent’, they always want to be centre stage. Bad enough at the best of times but when it’s a ‘Carbon Copy dance off’, you better stay out of the competitor's way.





Of all the wedding formalities this surely has to be one of the most iconic. Is there anything that symbolises what the day is about more than this moment? One of the longest running wedding traditions, it’s not a wedding ceremony without one.


However, it doesn’t need to be ‘Ballroom Waltzing’ or a quick ‘Two Step’. Many couples are shaking this tradition up, opting for a more ‘contemporary’ feel.


Whether its glow sticks and house music, light-saber Jedi battles or a well choreographed ‘dance crew’ routine thrown in as a surprise but the wedding party, the modern first dance can be a way of doing something really memorable which could have your guests talking for years to come.


At Carbon Copy we love learning new songs and are happy to learn (wherever humanly possible) any first dance request you have.


All you need to do is choose the song and let us know at least four weeks before your big day.


Don’t worry we’ll do the rest.





That age old question when planning your perfect reception. The formal Scottish dance style from your childhood school ‘social dancing’ classes might not be everyone's cup of tea, however, to some people in some parts of Scotland it would be considered sacrilege not to include a Gay Gordon, Military Two Step or Dashing White Sergeant on your big day.


Even if it’s not your thing, it could end up being the highlight of your guests night!


Our advice? Ceilidh all the way!




Don’t worry if you don’t know your ‘Barn Dance’ from your ‘Strip The Willow’, with a ‘Carbon Copy Ceilidh’, full instructions will be provided!


Three traditional dances, set to traditional Ceilidh music will be called by the lads and a full floor will be guaranteed. We offer a half hour high octane Ceilidh set during your reception at no extra cost!





This is the time of the evening for the most ‘talented’ movers to show what they can do. There’s no shape that we haven’t seen thrown, no move left un-busted no piece of rug that hasn’t been cut.


From the Worm to the Running Man, the Funky Chicken to the Funky Gibbon, the Dance Off sorts the men out from the boys and the women from the girls or in our case the BOYS FROM THE GIRLS !!!


This age old battle must be played out at every ceremony for the rest of time, it’s more than just a knees up this is a matter of life and death.


Our ‘Carbon Copy Boys Versus Girls Dance off’ has become legendary and is a great opportunity for the Bride, Groom, friends and family to let their hair down, and find their competitive edge.


This can be a real highlight of the day and provides some great memories for you and your guests. Especially when you see a relative doing a dance move you or even they never thought they were capable of.


We provide a dance off at every reception at no extra cost!






Well, that time always comes. After all the months of planning, organising, inviting, vowing, partying, eating, drinking, dancing it all boils down to this final moment.


With a massive thank you from David and the Carbon Copy boys to all the stars of the show, the happy couple take centre stage surrounded by all the friends and family who have made the day special.


The circle is formed and Loch Lomond rings out loud and proud!


No matter how many weddings we play, we can never get tired of seeing such a special moment. This is what it’s all about and makes it all worthwhile for everyone involved.





Well, not really but he did keep the dance floor full for the last hour.


Carbon Copy’s very own Mark ‘DJ’ Coffield, aka the enigmatic, notorious, infamous ‘Nicky Rush’ (What do you mean you’ve never heard of him?), will take you into the wee small hours with his mix of some of the funkiest beats this side of Metropolis.


We play as a band until midnight but can provide a DJ set between midnight and 1 am, just contact us for details.


Our Nicky will fill the floor with his set and take requests from your guests.


A fine way to end any evening's entertainment.





Without the dancers, there is no wedding. As a band, there is nothing that gives us more satisfaction to see people on the dance floor all night.


For guests from 8 to 80, from the Bride to the Flower Girl, from the Groom to the Grandparents, there should be something for everyone to have a boogie to on the big day.


That is literally what it's all about.






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